The Mat Burn – Episode 8

Josh and Keenan talk in depth about skin infections and proper etiquette when it comes to training while you have some funk growing on your body. Ringworm, impetigo, staph, mat herps, etc… don’t train when you have shit on yourself. They talked about the legend that is Kyle Maynard, congenital quadriplegic super hero who can do anything that any other full-able-bodied person. From there, they talked about the challenge of trying to control Kyle in training and some of Kyle’s unique jiu-jitsu attacks based on his body type. They talked a little bit about how to recover from injuries, as well as the ideal class structure regarding warm-ups, technique, and sparring time. Huge thanks to our sponsors Mariana’s Open, the World Series of Jiu-Jitsu, and Sam the Tax Guy (Line Tax Services), 913-353-4300. Matburn listeners get 50% off their initial tax service.  

I full on shame people if I see weird stuff on someone’s skin. I’m like “What is that dude? What are you doing on the mat right now?”

Keenan Cornelius

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