The Mat Burn – Episode 15

Josh and Crystal exchange stories on a quiet Sunday evening. Josh talks a lot about his time with the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan. Stories include: hitch-hiking and hellish train rides across the Turkmen desert. The detailed story about the time Crystal chased a robber out of our apartment. Street fights in Fresno and Vietnam. Turkmen village life and outhouses. Kidney stones, and elbow dislocations. And most importantly, chasing the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. Crystal is the light-feather adult purple belt World Champion, light-feather adult purple belt Pan-Champion, Nogi World Champion, AND American National Champion (gi and nogi). She was recently promoted to brown belt by Andre and Angelica Galvao.

Every morning before a competition, that morning, I always end up throwing up, because I’m so nervous.

Crystal Gaxiola

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