The Mat Burn – Episode 11

Josh sits down with Robert Drysdale, former ADCC Open Class Champion and Blackbelt World Champion. Josh and Robert talk about the drama Keenis created by having an opinion, and the threats of violence that Keenis was receiving because of that opinion. They talked about ADCC, the evolution of jiu-jitsu over the past few decades, and bullshit self defense systems. Keep an eye out for Roberts upcoming documentary about the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – “Closed Guard.”

They [IBJJF] have given BJJ credibility which is what we lacked in the past, we didn’t have a Kodokan. Kodokan started and Judo crew out of Kodokan. BJJ grew and then it needed a Kodokan after. IBJJF has become and is that organization but it happened after the growth of BJJ.

Robert Drysdale

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