Episode 7 – w/Andre Galvao

Air Date: July 27, 2019

Josh sits down with Professor Andre Galavo, 5x IBJJF Blackbelt World Champion, 2011 ADCC Double Gold Champion, and 3x ADCC Superfight Champion. Professor Galvao is arguably the greatest ADCC competitor of all time as he is the only athlete ever to win the ADCC superfight with a submission win, and he hold the record for longest reign as ADCC superfight champion (6 years as the champion). The previous record was 2 years. He is one of two founding members of Atos Jiu-Jitsu, (the other being Ramon Lemos), one of the most successful gi and nogi competition teams on the planet. He is currently preparing for his last ADCC superfight title defense against Felipe Pena which will take place this September (2019). Hinger and Galvao focus their conversation on training and competition mindset.