Episode 36 – w/Tanner Rice

Air Date: May 20, 2020

Hinjer and Keenis have a special call-in guest, Tanner the Ginger Rice. Also, known to the Shasta County Health Department as a public health terrorist. Tanner has recently become quite the legend in the small business world when he defied the governor’s orders not to open his business  until the governor sees fit. Tanner talks to us about some of the trials and tribulations that he has been encountering with the local authorities who, according to Tanner, would rather see Tanner and his family starve to death before allowing them to continue with their consensual combat hugging. The guys get into more general jiu-jitsu conversation in the second half of the episode. Huge thanks to our official sponsor, JiuGo the card game. It’s jiu-jitsu in your pocket. Check them out at JiuGoPlay.com.