Episode 32 – w/Andre and Angelica Galvao

Air Date: March 10, 2020

Josh is joined by his professor, 5-time Blackbelt World Champion and reigning ADCC Superfight Champion, Andre Galvao, along with his better half Angelica Galvao who is the 2015 Blackbelt Nogi World Champion and 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion. They discuss whether Prof. Andre will appear at the 2021 ADCC World Championships, Kaynan Duarte’s USADA suspension, as well as the decision for the AOJ academy to no longer represent Team Atos in the IBJJF competition circuit. This episode is sponsored by JIUGO the card game. It’s jiu-jitsu in your pocket. Check them out at www.jiugoplay.com and follow them on Instagram @jiugoplay. Use promo code MATBURN for 10% off your order.