Episode 25 – No-gi Worlds Part 2

Air Date: December 14, 2019

Part 2 of the non-live broadcast from Nogi Worlds in Anaheim, California, brought to you by our friends at Tap Cancer Out. With us today, we have multiple-time world champion and ultra savage competitor Talita Alencar. Then super celebrity and Aussie BJJ representative Kit Dale sat down and shared some stories about his acting career. He even gave us a little sample of his American accents. Then the legendary JT Torres joined us with one of his blackbelts, Weiss “Kimura Trapstar” Sakhizada. We talked about cross-training politics, wrestlers who use jiu-jitsu techniques in wrestling matches, oil-checking in the wrestling world, and eventually we got to chattin’ about the haunted houses, and spooky vibes in the basement at Sucker Free Jiu-Jitsu in Long Island, NY. Also, lots of helpful information through out the episode from Hywel Teague. Huge thanks to Tap Cancer Out for sponsoring the episode. Check them out at www.tapcancerout.org. Also, big thanks to FloGrappling for allowing us to set up shop on their tables.