Episode 20

Air Date: October 31, 2019

We talked about quite the variety of topics including: the UFC, No Meat November, the upcoming Spyder Invitational, the leading causes of death in the USA, Josh’s new competition prep mentoring program, we took our first listener call-in from Bruce who asked about blue and purple belts teaching jiu-jitsu, we attempted to call @matheusdinizjj but apparently the ADCC champ is too cool for us now, Keenis asks about the differences between liberals and conservatives, and we talked about 27 other things that may or may not interest you. Shout out to Alan for being a badass audio tech assistant. This episode was sponsored by @tapcancerout compliments of @themikeyrod who didn’t ask to be named, I just wanted to do it because he’s an awesome guy who supports the podcast and supports the fight against cancer. Check out @tapcancerout and the @wedefyfoundation and support these amazing Jiu-Jitsu based charities.