Episode 14 – w/Mo Jassim

Air Date: September 16, 2019

Head ADCC organizer Mo Jassim talks with Josh and drops some serious knowledge about all things related to ADCC. While many jiu-jitsu fans may not know who Mo Jassim is, every jiu-jitsu competitor on the planet knows Mo as “the ADCC gatekeeper.” Topics include the actual administrative hierarchy of ADCC: Sheikh Tahnoun, Guy Neivins, and Peter Baltaliyski. Why the Sheikh founded ADCC. Mo’s first time as the head organizer of the ADCC World Championships. His first run as a head organizer at the 2017 ADCC West Coast Trials. His epic new production team: himself, Seth Daniels, and Shawn Fowler and their enormous efforts to give ADCC a new look and feel that is equivalent to its prestige. Whether ADCC will ever start testing for PEDs. The guy who told Mo to suck his dingaling because he couldn’t get an invitation. The possibility of altering the weight classes for the female divisions, increasing the prize money, and whether the ADCC rules will ever change. Personal note: the is the best audio quality the Matburn Podcast has ever had.