Episode 13 – w/Seth Daniels

Air Date: September 8, 2019

Episode 13 with Fight2Win President Seth Daniels. A quick disclaimer, the first 30 minutes is super shitty sounding because the janky ass T-shirt mic had a loose connection and wasn’t recording properly. And because we didn’t have headsets, we couldn’t hear how shitty it was until we took a break 30 minutes into the episode. Feel free to skip ahead. We talked about all sorts of shit including unsustainable jiu-jitsu events, Seth’s bling-bling lifestyle before his eventual bankruptcy when the housing market crashed in 2008, and why he got away from hosting MMA events and musical concerts. After the 30 min mark, we fixed the mic and talked about F2W eventually going international. Steroids in BJJ. The best and worst cities for F2W. How much Seth loves Easton BJJ in Colorado. Why he has so many random tattoos. Of course, ADCC and the new style of production for the event. He also talked about finding some of the shit talking internet trolls who might attending ADCC and maybe letting a few athletes beat their asses in the back alley. But like I said before, The Matburn Podcast does not condone the use of violence to solve disagreements… however, Seth Daniels is gonna whatever he wants.